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Chris Rane listened to many radio and mix shows as a child. His favorite station was Trance.FM that sadly no longer exists. He was amazed how the DJs presented new music in such a fluid way and quickly realized that he would like to do that too. With a small digital DJ controller he learned how to mix songs and created his first mixes which he shared online.


Based in Berlin, Germany Chris Rane is located in Germany's heart of the clubbing and music scene.

Chris Rane performs monthly at Radio - The Label Bar and regularly at private events and partys. He is also running a weekly mix show called "Lucid Trance Show" that is available at
YouTube and Mixcloud. It features the latest, best and unreleased music in the realm of trance and progressive in an one hour long DJ set.
The show is aired every Friday at 20:00 (CET) and 14:00 (EST). Get more infos here.


Some of his biggest inspirations are the following artists: Solarstone, Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, RAM and Andrew Rayel.
Chris Rane's original productions, remixes and mashups are merging the sounds of trance, techno and progressive house and are sounding unique and like nothing else. Listen to some of his work here.


Lucid Trance is Chris Rane's beloved child. Receiving unreleased music by producers and labels around the world he's providing his fans with exclusive previews and world premieres of new trance and progressive tracks and his own productions and remixes in his weekly Lucid Trance Show and live shows.


Chris Rane's vision is to build a community of people that enjoy trance and progressive music and provide them with shows, events and music to experience together.

Right now he's is working on new original productions and will release an EP soon. Further is he ready for new shows in Berlin's bars and clubs to bring his iconic sound to more people for them to enjoy and experience. It's all about the passion for music and the magic that comes with it.
May 19, 2020
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